2021 diaries


The branch are now in receipt of the 2021 diaries and are processing them now.

Diaries will be automatically sent to staff in the folowing depts:

NPS (to home address)
CRC (to home address)
PCSO’s (work address)
CSI’s (work address)
CM Controllers (work address)
CM Contact centre officers (work address)
CM Contact enquiry officers (work address)
Detention officers (work address)
IRB (work address)
PSI’s (work address)

Please allow for some time to recieive your diary as dispatch may be later or take longer than usual due to Covid 19 working requirments etc

If anyone not on the above list would lke a diary sent to their work address then please email jeanette.edwards@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk who will arrange it for you.


Ken Cooney
UNISON branch secretary